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Velux Roof Windows
in Wimbledon from Trusted Loft Conversion Specialists

Roberts Roofing is a certified installer of Velux roof windows, offering supply and installation services. We trade as a roofing company with a unique talent for loft conversions so, understandably, Velux windows play a pivotal role in our projects. We are widely considered to be loft conversion specialists for Wimbledon and South West London because of the manufacturer approval we have for fitting this particular brand. Contact us to arrange any installations for Velux windows for Velux window repairs.

For over 70 years, Velux has delivered a standard of excellence with their windows and roof lights. Our roof light installers use the latest technologies from Velux to help you maximise natural daylight and fresh air, and to ultimately create better living environments.

Why Choose Velux Windows?

  • Stylish, Aesthetically Pleasing Design 

  • Faster Installation Process

  • Increased Natural Light 

  • Improved Ventilation and Air Flow 

  • Save Money on Energy Bills 

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Minimised Risk of Condensation

  • Added Value to Your Property

  • Major Reduction of External Noise

Once the location for Velux roof windows has been confirmed, size is the next thing to consider. A larger roof window is recommended for kitchens and bathrooms in single-storey or flat roofed builds to stop condensation build-up. Rooms frequented regularly benefit more from an approach that factors in comfort. 

Smaller windows, spaced out in specific positions, are more appropriate for some rooms and loft conversions in Wimbledon. Our roofing company can supply and install all types of Velux roof windows.

If you are installing or reworking a room with an overall size of 25m², approximately 5m of window would be required to maximise influx of light. Our roof light installers and loft conversion specialists can advise you based on personal preferences, outdoor scenery and neighbouring properties.

To give you a basic overview of dimensions, the tallest Velux window is 180cm, with the shortest option being 50cm. In relation to width, 134cm is the widest option, whilst the slimmest size is 47cm.

Getting More from Velux Roof Windows

The central pivots of Velux roof windows maximise airflow when partially or fully open. The ventilation bar enables air to come through a closed window, which is an advantage during bad weather and a home security benefit. By opening the aluminium ventilation bar in rooms or loft conversions in Wimbledon with the window closed, fresh air can enter without sacrificing thermal efficiency. 

Whilst Velux roof windows from our roofing company will naturally minimise condensation build-up, it is important to keep the air filter clean from grime and dust. This will ensure air moves and circulates freely. Our loft conversion specialists and roof light installers advise that a dirty filter can damage paintwork, impact the window and cause biological harm.

Further to this, annual cleaning and lubrication of the hinges will ensure the mechanism opens and closes smoothly for trouble-free operation. It is recommended that the window flashing is cleaned on a yearly basis as well.

The glass and frames of Velux roof windows can be easily cleaned using warm, soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive sponge or non-metal squeegee. 180-degree rotation makes accessing the whole window easy. In some parts of Wimbledon, we recommend a small quantity of detergent to soften hard water. 

With regards to caring for roof lights, our roofing company can guide you through every step of the maintenance process. Should you face any damage to your Velux roof light, we also offer Velux window repairs.

Call the Velux roof window and loft conversion specialists at Roberts Roofing on 0208 168 1155 today for a quotation or to make a booking in Wimbledon.

0208 168 1155

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