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| Ways Quality Loft Conversions Can Enhance Your Home

Loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular addition to properties in Cheam and South West London because they are cost-effective and create valuable space in homes. At Roberts Roofing, our loft conversion specialists can build a variety of conversions to enhance all types of homes. The roof light installers at our roofing company can also fit a range of quality Velux roof windows to maximise the flow of natural daylight to create a bright and cosy addition to your new conversion. We also offer quality Velux window repairs if necessary.

Here, our team have listed a few of the numerous benefits of our quality loft conversions:


Rather than selling your build and dealing with the stress, cost and hassle of moving house, many homeowners are choosing to revitalise their homes and upscale the space to make it work for them. Our team can transform old, dark and cluttered lofts into bright, spacious areas that you can use as any room you like. Whether you need a home office, an additional bedroom, a living room or a children’s playroom, our team can construct the space you need. We can add new features and fittings to upscale your space and make your loft more functional and attractive.

Increase Value

Loft conversions not only allow you to introduce new features into your Cheam-based home, but they are also an excellent way to increase the value of your property. Our loft conversion specialists can make your loft a more enjoyable place to spend time in and also prepare it for selling if you are planning on moving, or if you ever decide to in the future. With the addition of the Velux roof windows our roof light installers can fit, your loft will be fully optimised, making your build even more attractive to potential buyers. Our roofing company manages all aspects of the installations we complete to ensure the high standard the team at Roberts Roofing holds ourselves to never waivers. We even offer quality maintenance services, such as Velux window repairs.

Energy Efficiency

With the insulation and other fittings our team installs, we can transform one of the least energy-efficient parts of a home into a space that retains heat and saves you money on your utility bills. The materials we incorporate during conversions can help reduce your carbon footprint, create a more comfortable living temperature for your home and save you costs. A more energy-efficient home is also an appealing feature to prospective buyers.

Create a New View

By undertaking a loft conversion and installing Velux roof windows, our roof light installers can create a room with visually stunning views of your landscape that may not have been previously possible from your property. The loft conversions our roofing company builds will create a stunning feature that will make your home stand out. The work our loft conversion specialists undertake will also allow you to have a space where you can unwind and enjoy the view from your property in Cheam or the other areas we cover in South West London.

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